Business Advisory

In many cases, the daily pressure of running the business for the owners means that strategic planning is not given the attention it needs. RDA Accountants provides a range of services which can improve the success of your business and maximise its resources. Call Paul Redmond on 053 9170507 or email to arrange a meeting to discuss your own particular needs, without obligation.

Growing Your Business

Growing your business requires setting realistic, yet aggressive, goals and a commitment to taking the steps required to meet the necessary targets to reach those goals. We will work with you to draw up a Benchmark Review of how you are doing now and devise a Growth Action Plan to set targets and goals and lay out the steps required to achieve the growth you desire for your business.

Business Plans

Your Business plan should be a living road map to success, not just a onetime document. Its aim is to assist you in thinking about all of the elements involved in your operations, support the raising of funds, communicate internally and externally, measure progress and steer your business. At RDA Accountants we have many years’ experience in creating dynamic and effective business plans which clients use and refer to throughout the life of their business activities. Contact us to discuss the creation of a plan for your business.

Profit and Cash Flow Forecasts

Profit & Cashflow Forecasts are important tools for business owners to plan and understand how their business operates. They are also increasingly requested by banks and other financers to give an overview on the company’s position. RDA Accountants can assist you in preparing these documents and in getting inside your business to fully understand how the flow of cash operates. We can also make recommendations to improve your cashflow and profitability, based on our activities.

Profit Optimisation

RDA Accountants can complete a full review of operations at every level of your business. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report which details our recommendations on how improvements can be made and also highlighting the areas which are performing well. It will also uncover areas within the business which are a drain on resources and need to be changed or discontinued. Using this information will allow you to concentrate management efforts and improve overall profitability.

Management Accounts

Regular Management Accounts are vital in controlling any business, as they provide the owners with up to date information on the performance of the operation. The Management Accounts may influence a significant decision, so it is imperative that these figures are both timely and reliable. RDA Accountants has extensive experience in preparing Management Accounts, either on the clients own systems or using our own. These can be prepared monthly, quarterly or at intervals which suit your needs, and discussed with you to monitor the results and identify key issues for your business, as they arise.

Bank Negotiations

Many businesses, big and small, may be faced with situations where they have to negotiate revised terms and conditions with their banks. Effective and timely restructuring may be critical to generating cash flow and ultimate survival e.g. you may need to revert to interest only repayments for a duration or revised hire purchase repayments. We have vast and diversified experience in dealing and negotiating with all financial institutions and are here to help you in this regard. Remember it is vital to act sooner rather than later.

Software & Computerisation

Many clients decide to change to a computerised accounts package or move from a manual payroll system to a payroll package. There are many software packages available and each will suits different requirements and size of operations. RDA Accountants can assess your needs and advise on the most suitable and cost effective software solution for your business.

We can also set this up for you and provide training for your staff in operating the system, should you require it. We can also offer on-going reviews of your new system to ensure it is running efficiently.

Enterprise Ireland & IDA Lean Business Offer

(RDA Accountants are Certified Service Providers)

Irish businesses taking their first step, or continuing an existing Lean journey, may be entitled to funding support from Enterprise Ireland or the IDA

Paul Redmond who has 25 years of experience will work with businesses to bring their individual Lean programme(s) to life; helping them become more competitive, productive and profitable by providing the skillset necessary to ensure continuous improvement.

Both Enterprise Ireland & the IDA categorise Lean Business Offers in three ways:

Lean Start – a pilot project and short-term engagement (up to 7 days); focused on introducing Lean principles and agile processes – the building block for Lean success.

Lean Plus – a medium-term engagement (up to 30 days) focused on sustainable performance and process improvement

Lean Transform – a long-term engagement (up to 100 days) embedding Lean within the company culture to ensure ongoing competitive gains and continuous improvement.

RDA Accountants will work with clients to firstly identify problem areas in need of improvement and then, secondly, to schedule appropriate training and coaching to enable management and employees to address these problems. We are available to provide in-house learning in the client’s environment or offsite at one of our offices in Wexford, Kilkenny or Carlow.

Paul Redmond

Paul Redmond

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