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10 Of The Best Business-Friendly Apps To Download

  1. Xero Touch

Manage your business while you’re on the go with Xero for your iPhone or iPad. Reconcile, send invoices, create expense claims and record receipts with this easy to use mobile app.

How Xero benefits your business

  • Visibility of all your bank accounts, credit card and PayPal balances, outstanding invoices, expense claims and contacts.

  • Super quick bank statement reconciliation.

  • Expenses done in a flash. Simply upload photographed receipts.

  • Record business expenditure. Record the paper trail on the spot.

  • Work from anywhere. Call customers and suppliers directly from the app (find them on a map too) and then save any notes you need straight back into Xero

  • With Xero all your data is saved in the cloud. We use the same data encryption level as internet banking. So if your phone or tablet ever gets lost or stolen, all your information remains completely safe.

  1. Dropbox

A free app that allows you to access all your files anywhere, from any device. Installing the app on your phone and computer means that your files are backed up, enabling you to recover deleted files and alter saved versions. Do away with USBs and emailing yourself, this app has you covered.

  1. Evernote

Not just a note-taking app, Evernote is an amazing tool that aids you in organising your business and keeping on top of your life. With camera and dictation features as well as goals and tasks lists accessible on any device, this app is ideal for maximising your business potential.

  1. Camcard

One of a number of apps that takes a photo of a business card and integrates the information into your phone's contacts.

  1. HootSuite

Social media can take a lot of time. For businesses without that much time to spare, Hootsuite lets you organise most of your social account activity from a single app. That means Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. It also allows you to schedule social media posts in advance.

  1. Viber

This app, which allows you to make calls or send messages to anyone else using the Viber app, is useful when you're abroad and have access to wifi but not a decent roaming package. It works by allowing you set up an account using your own mobile phone number.

  1. Paypal

PayPal makes it safe and easy to send and receive money online.

PayPal gives you:

Invoices that are easy for businesses to create and send and easy for customers to pay.

The PayPal Virtual Terminal for manually entering credit card orders submitted by phone, fax or mail.

The PayPal Here credit and debit card reader for accepting payment on a mobile phone or tablet.

  1. GoToMeeting

Citrix GoToMeeting is a lean web conferencing solution that allows for intuitive usage. The solution is integrated into Outlook and the other Microsoft Office products. This integration enables the meeting host to easily set up ad-hoc web meetings from a document and also to invite attendees in advance to a scheduled online meeting.

During a meeting the host can decide whether he wants to show the other participants his entire screen or rather only selected applications. Additionally, he can switch control of mouse and keyboard to any other


GoToMeeting‘s major advantage is the mix of functionalities it offers, e.g. allowing for joint editing of documents, without cluttering the tool with too many seldom used features.

  1. LastPass

Allows you to pick one password which gains you entry into an online 'safety vault' where you store other passwords. It also has a brilliant new feature that lets you change all your passwords with just one tweak within the app. This is good because security experts advise that we need to change our passwords every few months.

  1. LogMeIn

This app basically lets you take control of a PC somewhere else, so long as that PC have downloaded Logmein's PC software, too.