Do you know the tax implications of gifting?

Small Gift Exemption

The small gift exemption may not seem like a lot but it can make a considerable impact on your estate planning over time. This exemption allows people to transfer €3,000 to another person in a calendar year without having to pay CAT. That means that parents and grandparents (as couples) can each give €6,000 to each child/grandchild or any other person (including partners and spouses).

As parents, this means you could potentially gift a total €12,000 to your child and their partner in each calendar year which would help a young couple with a house deposit or simply getting a start in life.

There is no obligation for these gifts to be spent in the year it is received so such gifts could potentially accumulate year by year into a substantial tax-free sum, underlining the value of planning and incorporating all available reliefs into any inheritance plan. These exempt gifts are also excluded from calculating whether the tax-free threshold has been reached, meaning the tax liability of the remaining estate on inheritance is unaffected by giving them which makes for prudent family wealth transfer planning.

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