Family Wealth Transfer

An important aspiration of many people is to pass on their wealth to their family in the most efficient way possible. This requires planning. Our role here at RDA is to help you live the life that you want to live and achieve your financial objectives, which usually include wealth transfer.

This planning will identify choices that need to be carefully made between spending, investing and transferring your wealth. Careful consideration needs to be given to the timing of any transfer and the tax implications of doing so. We guide you through this process, helping you to identify the right wealth transfer strategy for you. Where necessary, we will also refer you to experts for specialist legal and pension advice. The questions we help you to answer include,

  • Who do you want to transfer wealth to, and how and when can this be done tax efficiently?
  • How much money can you afford to transfer to loved ones during your life?
  • What tax structures need to be put in place to ensure your wishes are carried out effectively

Wealth transfer is more effective when carried out over many years.

If you would like to find out more about how we help our clients to transfer their wealth effectively, please give us a call on 053 9170507 or email

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