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Paul Redmond | Managing Partner      

 Funding for Growth

 Corporate finance is an umbrella term that refers to a broad range of services intended to assist   company growth - from sourcing business funding to managing business acquisitions and mergers.

  At RDA , we have the expertise to offer you a wide range of corporate finance services. We have      a track record of advising on major transactions and guiding our client companies through key                                life events. 

Our Corporate Finance Team can help your business in the following areas.

Core Services 

  • Valuations
  • Acquisitions & Management Buyouts 
  • Sale of Business
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Fund Raising
  • Banking
  • Due Diligence & Business Reviews
  • Debt Refinancing


It’s often said that a business is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, but there are several methods you can use to reach a sensible figure. Valuing a business isn’t only useful for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to buy or sell a company. A company valuation can help when:

  • securing investment– think of Dragons’ Den, where investors want to see a realistic figure and value in the deal you give them;
  • setting a fair price for employees– if your employees want to buy and sell shares in the company;
  • growing or expanding your business– an annual valuation helps to secure funding and focus your energy on areas for improvement.

Ultimately, you want to reach a valuation that doesn’t sell the business short. It also shouldn’t overstate what the business is actually worth.

Sale of Business

      At RDA we can;

  • assist you to plan the sale and prepare your business
  • perform a valuation of your business and advise you of a realistic selling price
  • ensure the value you realise is optimised by selecting the most appropriate approach to selling your business
  • prepare an information memorandum providing a detailed understanding of the business
  • provide tax structuring advice
  • project manage the entire transaction process.

Due Diligence & Business Reviews 

Any corporate finance strategy relies on the accuracy and integrity of the information used to develop the strategy, and at RDA our team have a wealth of experience in conducting independent business reviews and assessing the relative strengths and weakness of a business.

Accurate due diligence is essential when important business decisions have to be made – such as mergers and acquisitions – and whereas independent business reviews are more commonly associated with satisfying the demands of lenders, they can also reveal previously under-employed resources which can aid a company in its development.

Company valuations are another area in which accuracy and integrity is essential, and rather than base our opinions on the numbers alone, our team will review the operation of the business, its position within its specific industry and the economic trends affecting that industry as well.

Acquisition & Management Buyout

Buying a company as a bolt-on to your existing business is the fastest way to grow your business. A management buyout is also often a good option for a shareholder to exit a company. We have been involved with dozens of transactions and can guide you through this process.  

Strategic Business Planning 

We work with the Board/Senior Management to develop, clarify and refine the Company business plan. Working as impartial consultants we are often engaged by clients to challenge the management’s approach to growing their business and to bring our experience from working in different sectors and industries. This type of work is often carried out in advance of a fundraising assignment or a group re-organisation.

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