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Capital Gains Tax Relief

February 14, 2014

Current legislation allows for relief from Capital Gains Tax with regards to properties purchased before the end of 2014. This relief is known as the property purchase incentive. Normally, an Irish... Click here to read more...

Capital Allowances for energy efficient equipment

February 7, 2014

Section 285A TCA 1997 provides for accelerated capital allowances in respect of expenditure incurred by companies on certain energy efficient equipment bought for their businesses. Capital allowances... Click here to read more...

Home Renovation Incentive Scheme (HRI)

January 31, 2014

Finance Bill (No. 2) 2013 provides for a Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) which will run from 25 October 2013 to 31 December 2015. The incentive provides for tax relief for Homeowners by way of a tax... Click here to read more...

Employment & Investment Incentive (EII) Scheme

January 24, 2014

Subject to certain conditions, relief from income tax is available by way of a deduction from income to individuals who invest long-term risk capital in ordinary shares of unquoted qualifying... Click here to read more...

Vehicles Purchased for use by People with Disabilities

January 17, 2014

The Tax Relief for Vehicles Purchased for use by People with Disabilities Scheme provides for a range of tax reliefs in connection with the purchase and use of motor vehicles. Click here to read more...

Business Relief

December 17, 2013

My family business is to be transferred to me in the coming years. I believe this may be a gift for tax purposes. Are there any reliefs from CAT available to reduce the liability arising on same? Click here to read more...

Trustee Duties

December 12, 2013

I am an owner / director of an SME. I am also, as an individual, one of the trustees of the employee pension scheme. I do not understand what this means and what duties I am supposed to perform in... Click here to read more...

Tax Relief On Tuition Fees

December 6, 2013

My eldest child has recently started third level education. It is my understanding that tax relief may be available in respect of any third level tuition fees I incur as a result of this. Can you... Click here to read more...

Local Property Tax The deadline for filing your 2014 Payment Instruction on-line is 29 November

November 28, 2013

http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/lpt/lpt-obligations-2014.html Click here to

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