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RDA seeks Xero award for 2016

RDAxeroaward2016Sitting with hundreds of other accountants at Xerocon in London tonight, watching the awards dinner and celebrating with all the winners, RDA have decided that next year we are going to be up on that stage. Whether we are the Xero Most Valued Practice (we like the MVP status), or the Accounting Partner of the Year - there are so many awards to be had, and we're going to have one of them.

You've seen that we have started running a series of webinars on Xero (if you haven't, watch a recording of Paul Redmond's last webinar here). We really love Xero, because it makes your business better. It makes you more profitable. And cloud accounting is the way forward. We've seen that without a doubt.

(If you don't even know what Xero is yet, read more about it.)

One of the best things about Xero is the quality of the add-ons, which are 'extras' that you can use along with the Xero cloud accounting software. Our favourite add-on is from Crunchboards, who we describe as "spreadsheets on steroids". All the amazing things you thought you were doing with Excel - no more. No need for Excel when Crunchboards is there. (More of that in our next webinar.)

This year at Xerocon, RDA are celebrating with the 2015 award winners - especially with Crunchboards.

Shown here are Paul Redmond and Jim Doyle, who quickly noticed that the award has no name engraved on perhaps it's ours??

Just joking Crunchboards...well deserved award and we look forward to celebrating with you in 2016!