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RDA speak to Crunchboards at Xerocon

RDA were busy with the iphone videos at Xerocon in London this year. There were so many incredible people and companies there - we wish we could have done a video with all of them!

But one of our priorities was to get a quick chat with Kieron Dawson of Crunchboards. If you attended our recent webinar on "7 Reasons You Should Not Use Excel", you'll remember that Paul Redmond said Crunchboards was the new Excel - except that it's better looking, better performing, and more helpful than Excel ever was for your business.

When you use Xero to manage all your accounting, then Crunchboards is the add-on that makes the best kind of analysis possible.

If you want to get a real handle on your business profits, opportunities, and numbers - but be able to look at it in a way that makes sense and is clear - Crunchboards is your man. Or woman. Or application. The point is, we love it, and we know you will too.

Request a Crunchboards demo now.