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Planning for the Future: Navigating Retirement and Selling your Medical Practice

February 28, 2024 GP's

Retirement planning and finding a buyer for your medical practice involve several crucial considerations. Here's a guide to help you navigate this transition: Click here to read more...

Efficient Practice Management: Mastering the Art of Handling Overload in Your Medical Practice

February 7, 2024 GP's

Handling overload in a medical practice, requires a strategic and systematic approach. Here are some key steps to manage and alleviate overload effectively: Click here to read more...

Navigating Financial Challenges: A Guide for Irish General Practitioners

January 17, 2024 GP's

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare in Ireland, general practitioners (GPs) face a unique set of financial challenges. Balancing the demands of providing top-notch medical care with the... Click here to read more...


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