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Introducing Our New TaxSmart Strategy

January 12, 2024 Tax

As we continually strive to enhance the services we provide at RDA Accountants, we're excited to share a significant development in our approach to managing your financial success. Click here to read more...

Tax Savvy: Strategic Planning for New Entrepreneurs

December 14, 2023 Tax

Today, we have a look at a topic that's crucial for new entrepreneurs in Ireland: tax efficiency. As someone who is venturing into the world of business ownership, it's essential to start on the... Click here to read more...

Using Life Assurance to fund Gift & Inheritance Tax

May 6, 2021 Tax

Relief was introduced by Section 60, of the 1985 Finance Act (now contained in Section 72 of Capital Acquisitions Tax Consolidation Act 2003) to allow people to plan for the payment of Inheritance... Click here to read more...

Farm Inheritance Tax Relief

May 6, 2021 Tax

Agricultural Property (land, pasture, woodland, crops, trees, farmhouses, buildings, livestock, bloodstock and machinery, or a payment entitlement) which are passed on as part of an inheritance enjoy... Click here to read more...

Will my business assets be subject to Inheritance Tax ?

May 6, 2021 Tax

Relief from CAT is available where the business property is acquired under a gift or inheritance. This relief works by reducing the value of the qualifying asset which pass under a gift or... Click here to read more...

Thinking of setting up an Irish Company as a result of Brexit?

January 27, 2021 Tax, Accounting, Advisory

If you are a UK resident you may have an issue with the Irish/EU Resident Director requirements for setting up an Irish Company. Click here to read more...

Planning For Retirement & Business Sale

December 12, 2019 Tax

If you are considering selling your business, passing it on to the next generation or retiring from your business, a list of some of the tax reliefs that can be availed of is outlined below. Although... Click here to read more...

Reminder - CGT Deadline

December 6, 2019 Tax

If you sold, gifted or transferred an asset between 1 January and 30 November 2019, or received capital payments from such assets, the deadline for payment of any Capital Gains Tax due is 15 December... Click here to read more...


December 3, 2019 Tax

This employer notice covers the following topics: Click here to read more...

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