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Shareholders Agreement - Main considerations

February 21, 2018

Put simply a shareholders’ agreement is essentially a contract between some or all of the shareholders in a company and frequently the company itself.  The basic purpose of a shareholders’ agreement... Click here to read more...

How to reduce your Corporation Tax Bill

February 14, 2018

Have you a financial year end approaching?  Have you considered making a pension payment by the Company to reduce your Corporation Tax Bill?  Here is some information on Corporation Tax Filing... Click here to read more...

Tips on how to manage your personal Finances

January 12, 2018

MANY of us enter January financially stretched. Lots of people overspend at Christmas and those paid monthly have to wait five weeks to be paid. Here are seven tips for tackling your finances in 2018: Click here to read more...

Tax Brief - Pre Letting Expenses

January 4, 2018

Expenses incurred on rental properties prior to letting was previously disallowed as a deduction against rental income when computing taxable rental profits. Finance Bill 2017 includes new measures... Click here to read more...

Are you focused ? Steps to writing your Business Plan

December 20, 2017

Your business plan will keep you focused and help convince investors to lend you money. But how do you write the perfect business plan? Here are some steps to help you get it right. Click here to read more...

Year end - Revenue update for Employers and Employees, changes for 2018 you may need to know about

December 20, 2017

Universal Social Charge (USC) Click here to

Become more efficient, save time and money for your Business!

December 8, 2017

Anyone serious about achievement in business needs to be obsessed about time efficiency. Most executives and entrepreneurs are using the same time management concepts they used a decade ago. Click here to read more...

Becoming a Company Director? Outline of Director Duties you need to know about

November 29, 2017

Under the Companies Act 2014, to qualify for appointment as a Company Director, a person: Click here to read more...

What funding is available from Enterprise Ireland for my Business?

November 21, 2017

Enterprise Ireland is the state agency responsible for supporting the development of manufacturing and internationally traded services companies. They provide funding and supports for companies &... Click here to read more...

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